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Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE) is located in Mattilanniemi campus next to the beautiful lake Jyväsjärvi. The quality of education at JSBE is internationally recognised: the Association of MBAs (AMBA) has awarded the Avance MBA programme with a five-year accreditation, which places the programme among top executive programmes globally. JSBE is also a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).
JSBE is offering four International Master´s Programmes in English for 2018-2019 academic year. Each program has 120 ECTS credits which is expected to be completed in two year full-time study. The application period started on 15th of November 2017.

Master’s Program in International Business and Entrepreneurship:

Master´s Program in International Business and Entrepreneurship (IBE) has been the most popular program among applicants for the past years. Diversity of students who come from different cultural and educational backgrounds makes this program so appealing. After completing IBE Program graduates will be ready to work in demanding managerial posts in international companies, as management consultants, or as entrepreneurs in their own businesses.
Together with up-to-date research and theoretical base students have a chance to apply their knowledge into practice by conducting projects for local companies and taking part in case competitions (you can read about collaboration between JYU and local companies Valtra and Valmet from here). Guest lectures is something that is worth of mentioning. Students can listen to Finnish entrepreneurs, CEOs and specialists from relevant to studies business areas. Furthermore, during the studies students have a chance to develop their own business ideas and maybe even start a new venture because Jyväskylä is the one of the best Finnish cities for entrepreneurs. As an example, IBE students were part of the winning team in the local program for startup enthusiasts in October 2017; they continued with their idea, established a new venture and already got customers.
Explore more about IBE Program, watch a short video about a Program and apply!

Master’s Program in Banking and International Finance:

Master's Degree Program in Banking and International Finance at the University of Jyväskylä is the only MDP in Finland which concentrates especially on Banking and International Finance. It would be an excellent option for you if you are interested in economics, finance and accounting. This program is quantitatively oriented with a wide range of working possibilities around the globe in the professionals of financial markets, banking and many other fields of economics.

Courses in the program is taught entirely in English, the contents are organized with great supports and linkages to each other and well updated to the latest developments in the world economy. Inside courses, there are also many guest lectures given by professors from other universities as well as experts from the Bank of Finland who have deep insights and experiences. Furthermore, every year, students have wonderful chances to join the trip to visit OP Financial Group, Nordea bank and the Bank of Finland.

Besides 88 ECTS of major and language compulsory studies, students in the BIF program have up to 32 ECTS of minor studies with variety of choices for them to freely choose upon their own backgrounds and personal research interests and to support the topics of their master’s thesis.

You can hear more from the program teacher here and have a look at the program structure.

Master’s Program in Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication:

Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication Master’s Programme is a brand new programme offered from this year, first in Finland. The programme concentrates on the latest practical implications of digital marketing and provides insights to corporate communication strategies. The main advantages of the programme are the inspiring professors and fellow students, high-quality courses, real-life case studies and friendly atmosphere at JSBE as well as the chemistry between the staff and the students.

During the programme, you will learn skills that are inevitable for a Digital Marketing specialist, from CRM, website building, SEO, online advertising, content marketing and social media marketing. You will meet many visiting lecturers from local renowned companies (PowerMarkkinointi, Nordic Business Forum, iProspect, Suomen Digimarkkinointi, Vainu)  presenting about the latest solutions and techniques in the digital marketing industry.

Please see our introduction video here, programme structure or follow our site with the latest news on Facebook.

Master’s Program in Corporate Environmental Management:

Master's Degree Programme in Corporate Environmental Management at the University of Jyväskylä is the first complete master and doctoral program in this business area in the Nordic region. It is a program for business students who are interested in finding sustainable solutions for businesses and organisations. The program focuses on identifying and managing environmental impacts in organisational operations and promoting environmental sustainability in business and innovate new business solutions and sustainable business models.

The program structure contains courses from both business side and environmental side which provides variety of choice for students with different backgrounds and interests. Students in the CEM program have a lot of opportunities to participate and earn credits in many case competitions such as the Aspen Case Competition, Nespresso Case Competition, Aalto Strategy Case Competition as well as courses from other universities, summer schools and exchange programs.

Find more information about the CEM program here.

Jyväskylä city:

Jyväskylä is a lively city in the Central Finland with variety of activities and events staged throughout the year. The city is surrounded by Finnish nature with beautiful lakes and forests where you can live in a complete Finnish culture of forest hiking and picking mushroom and berries in the summer or skiing and ice skating in the winter.

You are warmly welcome here to try ice skating in the winter around Jyväsjärvi lake, which is right next to the University’s Mattilanniemi campus as well as skiing in Laajavuori which is located not so far from the city center.

Picture is taken from JSBE website
Got interested? Find out more about JSBE here and apply! You can also check JSBE webinars out to get more information about Programs described above, specifically you can learn more about the proccess of each programme, the benefits of studying in Finland, and the admission process The application period 2017-2018 has already started and it will be open until 10th of January 2018!

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