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Student tutoring at our university is one of the best programs and it makes the life of the international students much easier.
Moving away from home to a new city is exciting but at the same time very tiring! To make this transition comfortable, the University of Jyväskylä assigns a tutor to every new student.

Tutors are second year students from all international faculties who help the new students settle in Jyväskylä and at the university. Your tutor contacts you via email before your arrival and helps with all kinds of practical questions related to your trip to Finland and your stay here.

Your tutor will probably be the first person you meet, since tutors pick you up at the train station at Jyväskylä no matter what time you arrive. They also accompany you to your student apartment, show you the neighbourhood and guide you with details on everyday living like grocery store. The tutor also advises you on where to find affordable furniture, clothes or a bike. The tutor will help you during the orientation programme at the beginning of the semester and show you the student restaurants and help with the usage of course registration platform.  A tutor is responsible for a group of students, so you have a great chance to know people from diverse backgrounds and make new friends during the tutoring activities. Furthermore, tutor group will have a campus and library tour as well as a tour through the city centre including a visit to the Finnish student health service. Moreover, they help you with official matters and take you to the accommodation office, the local registry office and to the bank, if needed. And of course you can also meet with your tutor group for free time activities and enjoy the Finnish student life! 

Linda Stenzel, Student Ambassador
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

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