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Winter Sports in Jyväskylä

Winter Sports in Jyväskylä: The Annual, International Snow Rugby Tournament
By Frederic

Many people have probably followed the recent Winter-Olympics 2018 in South Korea, and while the Paralympics are about to begin Jyväskylä has an own unique winter sport event: The annual Snow Rugby tournament, organized by the Jyväskylä Rugby Club. So why is it so unique you might ask? -Well, while in most countries the Rugby sport is vastly on hold during the cold and snowy winter month we here in Finland make the most out of it in a sportive and funny way. No need to say that we have enough snow here each year to make something out of it! 

The tournament, which was played with 7s Rugby rules happened like last year in Laajavuori next to skiing area of Jyväskylä. All in in all it was a fun event, especially thanks to the ladies teams disguises they individually come up with each year! This time, 19 teams participated in the tournament: They came from all over Finland as well as from Romania and White Russia to experience the cool fun.