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The Small White Flakes of Wonder

The small white flakes of wonder
Swaying in the air
As I try to catch them
To take a closer look
Some are perfectly shaped
With details of art and muse
I stand there pondering on 
The limitless creation of nature.

An amateur poem that I wrote after experiencing my first snowfall in Jyväskylä in the month of October 2018. 

The minimum temperature I have been before I came to Finland is 21 degree Celsius. Very soon, I realized that was summer in Finland! Experiencing snowfall for the first time was an unforgettable moment. Soon after, there was heaps of snow everywhere and I got used to it. I started layering up with thermals, jackets, and accessories like mufflers, beanies and scarfs on top of that every time I had to go out, and removing them when I reach the place. Uff! I missed going out in my flip flops, t shirt and jeans! 

Life was good, until one day, when the temperature suddenly increased and the roads became the pathways of danger and caution. The snow froze and the roads became slippery! Each step I took, it was like stepping on the mine bombs. You never know on which step would you fall! And I did fall a couple of times, but that’s the fun!

Apart from such daily life adventures, I loved the walks on the frozen lakes, my failed skiing attempts, the glistening sun on the snow, the beautiful picture perfect sunsets, winter hikes and the peace and silence of Finnish nature.

Gomathy Soundararaj
Masters in Educational Sciences
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