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Introduction of the new student ambassadors #2


Hi! My name is Alex and originally I come from the city of Saint-Petersburg, Russia, although I've been living in Finland for quite some time already. At the moment, I am a second year student of Nanoscience Msc  programme with physics specialization and slowly start to
descend towards graduation.

When it came to choosing the university, I have carefully checked the options available in Finland. My criterion was research activity in the university since I wanted to get as much hands-on experience as possible within the study period and I consider continuing as PhD student further on. JYU seemed to be a good match since there more than 20 research groups only related to “nano-area”. The Nanoscience programme in Jyväskyä University unites three branches: chemistry physics and biology, and has dedicated Nanoscience research center. That sounded pretty exciting and unique to me, so I applied and fortunately had been accepted.

My expectations were completely fulfilled - not only the quality of education is high, the university has all a young scientist can dream of: good laboratories and variety of equipment, great people, that live science, surrounding you every day. I would definitely recommend JYU for aspiring scientist - here you can get a well-rounded education, boost your theoretical knowledge and immediately apply it in practice.

On a side note, the university is the central part of the city of Jyväskylä, where every 3rd person you meet is a student so you won't get bored here, there is a huge student community, lots of activities like sports and various events and, of course, lots and lots of parties..
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