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Subject associations – connect with fellow students

We know that studying can get overwhelming, especially at the beginning of the semester. But once you get the hang of it, you can explore ways to meet same-minded students. In Jyväskylä there are many student events where you can meet new people. But University has also many student associations that are open to students of the University of Jyväskylä. Associations at JYU offer services and wide range of free time activities to students.

Emile ry members
What are subject associations?
They are group of same-minded students who organise various events for their members and create opportunities to influence and pursue shared interest. Associations bring together same-minded people that are studying at the same programme or same faculty. There are currently more than 30 subject associations altogether and they operate under the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä.
Students from Pörssi - subject organisation
Each association has small membership fee that give students many benefits (for example discounted prices for their events, discounts at local shops etc). Membership is usually limited to the students majoring in specific subject. However, a lot of times you don’t need to be a member of a specific association to attend their events. You can also become a board member and help to manage organisation at your faculty. Additionally every subject association has their own overall colour. So you can easily see who is from your association. During many events you can get a patch for that specific event you are attending which you can sew to your overall and make your overall your diary of your studies.

overall and patch collection
Association activities
Associations together with University help to create a sense of community in Jyväskylä. They organise group-building events for beginning students, networking events, help you answer some FAQ regarding your programme and so much more. Being a part of an organization is also a great way to meet fellow students that share the same interests like you. It is an amazing way to connect Finns and International students. There are also some events that are cross-disciplinary that extend beyond the boundaries of specific association. They are usually joint event between two or more associations.  Some of these events are: 3MIOT, Pikkarit, Kauppakatu Appro etc. Every association has their own (or shared) facility on campus where members can relax and spend time together.

Sporticus student hang out room
Currently at the University we have the following subject associations:

* Abakus ry
* Ainejärjestö Asterix ry
* Ainejärjestö Sputnik ry
* Chydisco
* Cogito ry
* Corpus ry
* Dumppi ry
* Emile ry
* Fokus
* Guberna
* Jano ry
* Lanka ry
* Lingviestit ry
* Linkki Jyväskylä ry
* Lööppi ry
* Magna Carta ry
* Mephisto ry
* Nefa-Jyväskylä ry
* Parku ry
* Pedaali ry
* Pedago ry
* Puloue ry
* Pörssi ry
* Radikaali
* Sane ry
* Sporticus ry
* Stimulus ry
* Sturm and Drang ry
* Svenska Klubben ry
* Syrinx ry
* Taberna Latina
* Tiltti ry
* Tosine ry
* Trioli ry
* Varkaat ry
* Viito! Ry
* Ynnä ry
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