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An interview with the president of AIESEC in Jyväskylä: Meri Taipale

As a new student in the university, you do not know where you can meet like minded people. Some might like photography, some might like partying, while others might like leadership sharpening. Me, as a new student, wandered from one student group to the other trying to fit myself into the University culture. It was a few months later that a new friend of mine introduced me to his friends, and I found a like minded group.

The common factor - AIESEC. All of them were AIESEC members, whose influence led me to join them. It made my stay in Jyväskylä 100 times better than it was. I hope this article makes you take the leap, join AIESEC, make friends, recruit volunteers, and travel while making the world a better place.

This is a short interview with the Local Committee President of AIESEC in Jyväskylä, Meri Taipale, who is a good friend and a classmate of mine.

Tell me something about yourself!

I am a 25-years-old, studying Master’s in Information Systems science, I am a very usual student. I like listening to music, watching movies, painting and playing the piano. On the outer world, I like hanging out with my friends, going to music concerts, and volunteer work.

What made you get involved in AIESEC?
If someone wants to become a member, AIESEC JKL organizes recruitment in the beginning of

My friend was an AIESECer, and told me about the organization. After a while I wanted to do something useful for myself and my society. Since I liked volunteer work and travel, I joined the organization.

What is AIESEC? What does it do?

AIESEC is a global youth-run organization. Basically we organize different kind of volunteer projects around the globe. We market them at the university and occasionally organize projects in Jyväskylä area. Our focus is on young people and their development. Our goal is to reach as many young people as possible. We focus especially on developing leadership skills in youth.

How is AIESEC different from other internships/employment to young students?

We focus on the society and making the world a better place to everybody. We also focus on specifically developing leadership skills in the youth since we believe that is one key thing to make the world a better place.

Why should students at JYU join AIESEC?

Students should join, because in AIESEC you learn a lot how to work in international teams, about project management and how to lead international teams as well. It gives the members practical understanding. And helps them to figure out also what they want in the future, and to discover more about themselves. From a student’s point of view, it is also a place to make new friends from many different faculties and nationalities within the university.

How can I join AIESEC?

If someone wants to become a member, AIESEC JKL organizes recruitment in the beginning of every semester (January and September). More information can be found in the AIESEC in Finland website: https://www.aiesec.fi/

They can also be in contact with someone in AIESEC JKL directly and ask them about it (in this case its best if they contact Nadine: nadezhda.zubova@aiesec.net).

What activities has AIESEC planned for new students?

We usually organize info stands and lecture bashes to promote our operations to students. We sometimes organize different kind of events also around the uni. What we offer for the members is the opportunity to participate in promoting AIESEC, take care of a person who goes abroad, or organize a project in Jyväskylä.
Most popular events are Global Village, which happens periodically throughout the year.

Any message to new students reading this?

Being an AIESECer is a fascinating challenge that doesn't leave you cold for sure. It is an organization where you can also meet a lot of amazing and ambitious people. Truly recommended.

Biplob Bhandari, Student Ambassador
MSc in Information Systems
An interview with the president of AIESEC in Jyväskylä: Meri Taipale An interview with the president of AIESEC in Jyväskylä: Meri Taipale Reviewed by ambassadors on 12:04 Rating: 5


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