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Leisure activities in Jyväskylä

Finland is often admired for its clean nature. When you arrive to Jyväskylä, you soon realize that nature is all around and very near. You can admire its beauties in every season. It is very nice to go for a walk or jogging to a forest, maybe on one of several “luontopolku”, which means nature trail.

During your walk you should look around if you spot any animals like squirrels, rabbits or birds, and breath the fresh clean air. Under the Finnish everyman's right (http://www.nationalparks.fi/hikinginfinland/rightsandregulations) you are allowed to pick up wild berries and mushrooms, so go and collect a tasty snack or dinner straight from the nature! During summer, blueberries are literally everywhere!

In warm summer you should enjoy the proximity of many lakes around Jyväskylä (the region is called “Finnish Lakeland” for a reason). Go to have a picnic with friends on one of the public beaches, go to swim or rent a boat or SUP (stand-up paddle) board.

 Majority of students use bike for getting to university, but you can use it also for discovering the beautiful surrounding areas. If you are not familiar with Disc (or frisbee) golf, you might be surprised seeing Finns “playing frisbee alone” as some of my friends described it, but it is a real sport and it is interesting to try it ;-)


When the snow in winter comes, the landscape changes to winter wonderland! You can do downhill skiing in the local skiing center or give a try to typical Nordic sport – cross-country skiing on many tracks around the city. When lakes get frozen and the ice is thick enough (so it is safe to walk on it), the city of Jyväskylä makes a 3 kilometers long ice-skating track on the main lake Jyväsjärvi, just next to a university campus. If you are brave enough, you can visit “avanto”, which is a Finnish word for a hole in the ice, where Finns go to dip in ice cold water after sauna :-)

You can do many outdoor and indoor sports in Jyväskylä. Check an earlier blog post to find out more: http://studentambassadors.blog.jyu.fi/2018/12/be-sporty-at-jyu.html

From indoor activities, you can visit one of the museums in the city. Are you interested in art, nature, famous Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto, local culture, planes, etc. Jyväskylä offers museums about all these topics.

Tomas Varcok
Student Ambassador
Masters in Information Systems
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