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On-campus recruitment fairs: DuunIT & Nanoscience Business Days

DuunIT 2019
Agora 5.11-6.11

DuunIT is an on-campus recruitment fair, held every autumn, specifically targeted at the students of the IT faculty. For students, it’s their great opportunity to find an internship or junior position in the field of their interest.

This year, the number of participating companies grew from 35 to 40, from various areas, including IT services, civil engineering, business consultant, banking, accounting, government administration, etc. This year students could also win a lottery (free lunch for 30 days!) if they visited 2 companies in both days.
picture by Duunit-messut

picture by Duunit-messut
At DuunIT you can talk to their HR or even CTO about your career plan, and may end up with a job interview! Although this is organized by IT faculty, Cogito Association, Dumppi Association and Linkki Jyväskylä Association, it welcomes job hunters from other fields too.
photo by Yindong
Nanoscience Business Days 2019
NSC 22.11

A regular event recruitment fair for science students was held at the end of November. The data coincide with Slush event, however none of the participants has rejected their invitations.

The following companies were present during the event

The format of the event included 10 minutes pitch talk from each of the companies, exhibition in the main hall of the Nanoscience building, group laboratory tours and, of course, a sauna event that concluded the day.
The guest companies have told about their businesses and recruitment possibilities for Nanoscience students. During the exhibition students could personally talk to human resource managers from visiting companies get more specific information and establish the connection. The most notable guests this year were Bluefors and IQM, companies that specialize in the production of components for quantum processors such as, for instance, dilution refrigerators. Needless to say, these companies are booming at the moment, for instance, Bluefors has reported to employ 27 new people in the past month and that is a lot.
Overall it was a very cozy event, with a friendly atmosphere. No rush and no stress, students could take their time to really dig into the companys’ businesses and possibly find themselves an internship, master thesis topic or even a full-time position.

 Photo by Heikkinen Tanja


On-campus recruitment fairs: DuunIT & Nanoscience Business Days On-campus recruitment fairs: DuunIT & Nanoscience Business Days Reviewed by ambassadors on 16:45 Rating: 5


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